What is Landlord-Tenant Law?

Landlord-Tenant law involves the rental of commercial or residential real estate and is generally governed by a combination of statutory, common, and contract law. 

Steve's Landlord-Tenant Experience

Steve Huret has almost twenty years of experience advising and representing both commercial and residential landlords on a variety of issues, including non-payment of rent, material lease violations, actions for possession of leased space, and actions to recover damages to leased space.        

He previously presented to landlords, realtors, and local bar associations on the Uniform Residential Real Estate and Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA), which is a series of statutes that govern the relationship between residential landlords and their tenants in certain Tennessee counties. 

Matters Steve's Firm Handles

  • Advising Commercial and Residential Landlords on Various Issues
  • Reviewing, Drafting, and Negotiation of Commercial and Residential Leases, including Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment (SNDA) Agreements 
  • Representation of Commercial and Residential Landlords in Enforcement of Their Leases for Unpaid Rent and Material Lease Violations 
  • Representation of Commercial and Residential Landlords in Litigation to Obtain Possession of Commercial and Residential Lease Space, Pursue Unpaid Rent, and Seek Judgment for Any Tenant Caused Damages
  • Post-Foreclosure Eviction Actions Seeking Possession of Property
  • Assisting Commercial and Residential Landlords with Obtaining Writs of Possession